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Exterior House Cleaning Sunshine Coast

Exterior House Cleaning

At A Plus Pressure Washing, we have years of experience providing leading exterior house cleaning services to residential and commercial customers across the Sunshine Coast. Forget the rest & choose the best today!

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Sunshine Coast Exterior House Washing

Transforming Your Home’s Exterior

Your home is your pride and joy, so it’s important to keep it looking its best. But over time, dirt, grime, and mould can build up on your home’s exterior, making it look dull and dirty!

At A Plus Pressure Washing, we offer professional and reliable exterior house cleaning services in Sunshine Coast that will leave your home looking its best, without the risk of damage to delicate surfaces.

With a fully trained and expert pressure washing team, we employ a gentle yet highly effective soft washing method that is safe and effective for all types of exterior surfaces, including paint, timber, and concrete.

Getting started is simple! Contact us today to discuss your exterior house washing needs. Looking for a same-day quote? Send us clear photos of our space and we will provide pricing based on size and the scope of the project. 

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Discover The Benefits Of Exterior Washing Sunshine Coast

Gentle Yet Effective Exterior House Cleaning Solutions

We take pride take pride in enhancing the overall appearance of your property. Our Soft Washing and exterior house cleaning services offer numerous advantages that go beyond a sparkling facade;

Ready to rediscover your home’s radiance? Contact us today for a consultation and let our experts guide you to the perfect cleaning solution.

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Sunshine Coast House Washing Specialists

Our Process For Exceptional Results

01 Consultation

We start by understanding your needs. Our team listens carefully to your concerns and assesses the unique requirements of your property.

02 Plan Of Attack

Once we've got all the necessary information, we craft a tailored plan to tackle dirt, grime, and build-up. No one-size-fits-all here—your property gets the personalised treatment it deserves!

03 Expert Exterior Cleaning

Using top-notch soft washing techniques, we ensure a thorough and effective cleaning process that leaves your exterior looking fresh and revitalised.

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More About Our Exterior House Washing Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about our Sunshine Coast exterior house washing services? We’ve got the answers! Browse our clients’ most commonly asked questions here.

Does my home need exterior house washing?

We all know the importance of keeping our homes clean inside, but what about the outside? The exterior of your house is often the first impression guests, family, and friends (and even potential buyers) have of your home.

It’s also the part of your home that’s most exposed to the elements, so it’s no surprise that it can get dirty quickly. Over time, this can take a toll on your siding, roof, and other exterior materials.
Regular cleaning can help remove dirt, grime, and debris that can contribute to wear and tear, saving you money on repairs in the long run. For those looking to sell, a clean, well-maintained home is more likely to attract attention from potential buyers.

At A Plus Pressure Washing, we offer professional pressure washing services that are gentle on your surfaces yet powerful enough to tackle even the toughest grime.

Contact us today for a free quote and discover how our expert exterior washing can transform your home’s appearance, protect your investment, and create a healthier, more inviting space for you and your loved ones.

Our exterior house washing methods encompass two primary techniques: traditional pressure washing and soft washing. 

  1. Soft Washing: This gentle technique uses eco-friendly solutions and low pressure to dissolve mold, mildew, and dirt – perfect for vinyl siding, stucco, and cedar shingles.

  2. Traditional Pressure Washing: This technique blasts away heavy grime and stains with a targeted high-pressure water stream, ideal for concrete, brick, and pavers.

Our expertise lies in matching the technique to your home’s needs. We consider surface type, grime severity, organic growth, and budget to tailor a safe and effective cleaning plan.

Stain removal is not included in our standard exterior house washing services. Stain removal often requires specialised treatment, and the cost may vary depending on the type and severity of the stain.

The frequency of exterior house cleaning depends on factors such as your location, environmental conditions, and the type of contaminants affecting your property. 

In general, we recommend scheduling exterior house washing once a year to maintain its cleanliness and prevent long-term damage. However, areas with high contamination or heavy shading may require more frequent cleaning.

Yes, soft washing is a safe and effective method for cleaning delicate surfaces. It uses low-pressure water and specialised cleaning solutions to remove contaminants without causing damage. Soft washing is suitable for surfaces like siding, roofs, and other areas where high-pressure washing could potentially harm the material surface.

The primary difference between soft washing and high-pressure washing lies in the water pressure and the cleaning methods used. Soft washing utilizes low-pressure water and gentle cleaning solutions to clean delicate surfaces effectively. High-pressure washing, on the other hand, relies on powerful streams of pressurised water to remove contaminants, dirt and grime from sturdier surfaces. The choice between the two methods depends on the specific surface and the level of cleaning required. With our experienced team, we can determine the most appropriate approach for each job, ensuring a thorough and effective clean.

Using the latest pressure washing techniques and equipment, we offer an extensive range of Sunshine Coast exterior house washing services for residential and commercial properties including:

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